Designer Fun for Children

Funfashionistas is the entertaining way to teach school children how to design clothes, collage, knit and sew. Our fun-packed workshops are held on school sites and our fashion courses can be integrated into the school curriculum or as an after school activity. With an excellent team of trainers who love to engage with creative kids our workshops truly put the art of fun into designing fashion.

Scientific evidence shows that children are more responsive to learning by having fun – and that is why we put an emphasis on ensuring the children enjoy our activities. Our workshops are suitable for children aged 8 and upwards,  and are tailored to the children’s skill set and ability. Please note we can also offer a range of appropriate fun activities  for 3 to 7 year old.

We offer a wide range of workshops that inspire children including bag making, accessories, corsages and necklaces together with up-cycling existing  items to make something completely new, stylish and unique. Our workshops are tailored to the children´s wishes and skill set whether they are beginners or experienced designers.

Kids are creative in a fashion

It is important that kids are allowed to be creative so they can express themselves. Our workshops are designed to boost self-esteem and self-confidence by allowing children to explore individual tastes and create custom clothes just for themselves. It may be that you have a budding fashion designer in your classroom and funfashionistas gives them the opportunity to discover their talent and evoke a desire.

By combining art design, stitching, knitting collage, creating textiles and prints, funfashionistas has an entire creative programme that inspires children to get in touch with their artistic nature.Not only do the children learn the practical side of fashion making, but also how to turn ideas into reality.

At the end of the course we host a photo-shoot and fashion show to give the young funfashionistas the chance to show off their designs to parents, guardians, teachers and friends.

Four week fashion workshops in London

Our workshops run from a minimum of four weeks and continue for the entire school term.  Our service is completely so we are able to visit schools across  London.

If you are a parent or school teacher in London and think it would be fun for your children to learn how to design and make their own clothes, contact funfashionistas 07709 321235 or email and find out how we can make fashion a bundle of fun.