I came along when it was a decorating a t-shirt day,I went into the room where lots of other children were already decorating and sat down.

At first I had no idea what I was doing then I saw what the other children were doing and copied them.For me there was lots of materials that it was hard to choose. There were several colourful ribbons,beads and glue to stick them on. If you wanted to you could draw or paint on your t-shirt too.

I cut some purple ribbon and stuck some around the edges of my t-shirt. In the middle I drew a cupcake holder and coloured it in and then the top of a cupcake coming out the top.I drew icing, flowers to decorate around the cupcake and a cherry on top of the cupcake. All of this was very fun and I made friends along the way! When I had finished they dried it for me.

I was a bit sad when we left but everyone loved mine and my brother’s